Our Purpose

Our Purpose:

Our mission is to Equip Believers to do the work of the ministry, to Exalt Christ in both word and deed by walking worthy of the calling of God, to Evangelize the Lost by witnessing to the finished work of Christ on the cross by proclaiming justification by faith alone, and to Edify One Another by bearing one another’s burdens and walking in unity by endeavoring to keep peace among the brethren.

Our vision is to develop a discipleship ministry based upon 2 Timothy 2:2 where each believer is being discipled and discipling others; to worship the LORD God through public and private devotion; to win the lost to Christ both locally and globally as we evangelize through biblical living, outreach events, mission trips, and the supporting and sending of full-time missionaries; to grow strong, biblical families that are led by godly men who are servant leaders; above all else, to strive for biblical accuracy in our conduct, teaching, and worship.